Get One


Your very last option

I know you have all heard it all before, from Agents, friends or others and for most of you, it’s time to call it quits, but let me make this offer to you one very last time.

If you are familiar with Naija Sugar Mummy, You should know that we have since suspended the services of actually getting you a Sugar Mum for quite some time now due to some reasons. I know most people have tried a lot of ways to get a sugar mummy and at the end, nothing came out of it, thats why i have a very cost effective solution for you. What if i tell you that you need not go through anyone to actually get a mama? You will definitely doubt me but it’s the truth. There are several ways a good clean guy can get a sugar mummy on his own, though with some effort and dedication, but it’s really possible and thats what i am going to be teaching a select few of you every month.

There is recession in the country and a lot of people are financially challenged at this point that’s the more reason why you need to get multiple streams of income and what is the big deal if you get it through dating rich women who are in the position to spend some cool money on you?

If you know you cannot look decent, speak well, and dedicate some time to this, then there is no point reading further. I have put up a detailed guide on how you can get a Sugar Mummy on your own using my methods. I have been in the game since 2010 when NSM was launched. In moving forward to other ventures, i am not able to dedicate and run Naija Sugar Mummy like i used to so i have since suspended the services and due to client confidentiality, i cannot give out details of such clients.

If you want to find out how you can achieve this, simply use the “Contact Us” page and send in your details with the Subject: “Getting One” and i will give you a call back.


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