Guy’s Membership

The first membership package is the non promoted package where we just design and upload your profile but we don’t promote you to the mamas. Though we do not promote or send your profiles to the mamas, however, the mamas have access to your profile and may call you on their own. We have nothing to deal with this so you have to be careful on who you respond to. All we do is just to make you available on our platform by designing your profile and hosting it on our platform where the mamas can see it and if they are interested in you, then the connection is initiated and it depends on if you are comfortable with such a mama. The fees for this is just N2,500 and you can pay online or by bank deposit. After payment is confirmed, we shall collect your details and pictures to design a profile for you on our website, please note that your profile is not available to the public because of your privacy, it is just available on the mamas area of our website and the mamas have their own login page where they login and check out profiles of our guys.

This membership package also has a bonus attached to it, we send you materials on how to get a Sugar mummy by yourself and also Ebooks on how to make money online in Nigeria and other bonuses available at our Ebook store.
To read more on how to apply, please click on the Apply Now button below.
Both membership packages come with the bonus materials and you shall receive them upon completion of payment. You are required to provide your email address once payment is made to begin the process and to receive your bonus materials.



The second package is where we design your profile for you and host it on our platform, however, we do promote or market you directly to the mamas. This package, once your payment is confirmed, we shall require some details from you and your pictures, these are used to design a profile of you on our website and hosted on our platform for the viewing of the mamas. Note that we respect your privacy so your information and profile is not available to the general public but only available to the mamas for their viewing. Once your profile is in place, we take it a step further by “marketing” you to the mamas where we send them reminders about you and give them more details about you. We do this weekly and we send your profiles directly to them each week, we also give you priority by also making it available for new mama members, please note that getting a mama for you might take some time and the reason is due to the process, we cannot force you on any of them, we can only promote you to them frequently so they see your profile and details and once any of them is interested in you, we shall contact you with details and if you are okay with the offer, then we shall make the arrangements and make sure you get paid. You will have no limit to the number of mamas you can get provided they want to meet you, we cannot place any limit to this if any request for you, we shall definitely connect you subsequently and make the connection so that you get paid and we also get our commissions too from each connection we obtain for you, we collect our commission depending on how much the mama is offering. This membership package will cost you a one time fee of N5,000. This fee is for your membership for 1 year and we have subsidised the cost against what you stand to gain, this fee is just for the design of your profile and also for promoting your profiles to the mamas by posting your profile to them and market you to them as much as possible so you can get connected. All these things cost money and we don’t make profit from it thats why we need to collect a commission on each connection we have for you, however, you need not worry about this because we collect it directly from the mamas which is a percentage of what they are offering to pay you. If you intend to go for this package, you can continue by making payments online below or by bank deposit, if paying by bank deposit, please do contact us for the bank details, once you make payment and we confirm, then you are not far away from getting connected.
If you want to make payment online, please do so below and you will be taken to a secured page where you can easily pay with your ATM card online, your information is secured because we use only the best and most secured payment processor in Nigeria. Click on the button below to apply.

Note: This particular service is for Lagos and Abuja but it is suspended at the moment. Please Do call first and Do not make any payments


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