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Do you need a sugar mummy? Are you ready for dating an elderly woman who will satisfy all your material needs? All you have to do is contact us...
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Naija sugar mummy is a private initiative operating as an online business, therefore our reputation and integrity is at stake if we are not professional. Our products and professional services are carefully managed and we shall not be held liable for matters that do not conform to the listed information:

All Registration fees are non-refundable, membership is stipulated to be valid for 1 year from the day you join. The stipulated fee is meant for the designing of your profile page and therefore can not be considered to be an express ticket of getting a Sugar Mummy. By deciding to join after the payment of the membership fee, you are considered to have accepted all the Terms of Service of this website, therefore it is assumed that you have read and fully understood the policies. The eventual provision of a Sugar Mummy may attract a certain fee or percentage depending on the arrangement. Naijasugarmummy has the right to cancel membership of a member if it is found out that the mentioned has engaged in illegal activities such as sharing the name or other information of a date (sugar mummy) in any manner, electronic or otherwise or not adhering to the rules as stipulated on this page. We are not liable for any event or impending danger or any negativity that arises during or after any hook up. All intending members must be at least 20yrs old from the date of joining. As a member, getting a sugar mummy is NOT automatic as you will agree with me that we can't just fix a date with a particular Sugar Mummy as they are entitled to choose whom they want to meet, the only thing is that we shall try as much as possible to get you a date with them by posting your profile and pictures and what you are willing to do, those kind of things that are of interest to them. Depending on the wants of a Sugar mummy as regarding payment to you, we are to handle the disbursement of the funds to you after the meeting so that a situation where you will be paid and not show up for the date will not arise.
Some instances also require us to take a certain percentage of payments as expenses on logistics and miscellaneous activities. We strongly urge members not to violate any of the terms stated herein. Getting a Sugar Mummy as stipulated depends on a whole lot of factors including your profile page, as it is the profile page we use to "Advertise" you to the mama because it will contain all your data and pictures therefore your membership fee does not apply or does not imply that you must get a mama. We reserve the right to adjust our terms of service without notice to members, however, we shall communicate this to all members when we make changes.
This page was last edited on the 8th of march 2012